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Synchronization modules, import and export from Prestashop to the marketplace: eBay, Amazon, Eprice, Kirivo, Pixplace, Price Minister.

With our certificate synchronization module you can manage your catalog and decide which products will be posted to the marketplace and manage the orders. Check your products for sale around the world directly from your Prestashop.

FastBay, the new official form Prestashop Ebay, is the only existing module on the market that allows you to synchronize more than 5000 products in just 5 minutes instead of 10 hours average of the other solutions.

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The Amazon Marketplace Sync module allows you to synchronize the offers on Amazon manage orders through the marketplace Prestashop 1.6 1.7

99,00 €

FastBay updates: 1 year of updates

149,00 €

FASTBAY is the new professional solution to sync your Prestashop site with your eBay store in a few minutes !

249,00 €

Buying this pack you will manage multiple stores on eBay . Expand your sales network , manage orders from your site Prestashop and loads products on multiple eBay accounts in different countries !

74,50 € 149,00 € -50%

By our module just a few clicks to sell on Eprice

99,00 €

FASTBAY Import is the professional solution that allows you to import your products from eBay to Prestashop in minutes.

149,00 €

By our module just a few clicks to sell on Kirivo

99,00 €

Increase your store reilability ! Import your eBay store feedbacks in a couple of seconds and show them as product comments

69,00 €

By our module just a few clicks to sell on cDiscount

99,00 €

By our module just a few clicks to sell on IBS

99,00 €
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