EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6
  • EBAY REVOLUTION Module - Prestashop 1.5 e 1.6

FastBay Module for Prestashop - eBay sync

Current version : 6.6.2

is the new professional solution to sync your Prestashop site with your eBay store in a few minutes !

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Choose the ebay synchronization system created by sellers for sellers most used in Italy.

FASTBAY is the professional solution to synchronize your Prestashop store towards your Ebay account in few minutes

  • EASY - A simplified configuration wizard will allow you to customize all settings without any problem in order to synchronize and manage products and orders.
  • RELIABLE - Our module will assist you in every step of sync process and if you need assistance we guarantee a response within 48 hours.
  • FLEXIBLE - FastBay guarantees many features that allows you to make a flexible site management that will suits all your needs.
  • FAST - With our FastBay module your 'waiting times' will be reduced beyond belief ! Sync in a couple of minutes more than 5.000 products!

Awarded among the best modules at the Prestashop Awards 2018
Over 2.4 milion eBay auction are created with Fastbay.

  • Multishop and multi marketplace 
  • Complete management of eBay's specifics with the possibility to associate attributes, features, manufactures and default eBay's values
  • Complete management of customized conditions for categories
  • You can manage eBay values directly on product sheed on your Prestashop site
  • Overwrite options on single products (national shipping prices included)
  • Disable single products from sending on eBay (you can checkbox directly the product on your Prestashop site on your product sheet, that product will not be send to eBay)
  • Add custom text and description to single products
  • Choose your paymenta system: bankwire, cash on delivery etc..
  • Mapping of eBay's categories
  • Mapping of personalized categories of your eBay's store
  • Manage your recharge by manufactures and suppliers
  • Manage the sending of new and used items
  • You can manage the duration of "Buy it Now": without deadline
  • Mange your shipping times by suppliers of manifacturers
  • National insurance
  • 5 different options of international shipping, calculating the cost based on the weight of the product
  • International Insurance
  • You will have 4 types of sync
  • Manage the closing products that goes on 0 (zero) quantity on your Prestashop
  • Downloading the eBay orders directly on your Prestashop back office (of course also the updated quantities)
  • Updates orders status on eBay (if you mark any order just payed or just shipped, the module will modify the order status also on eBay!)
  • With FastBay you will have a total new SYNC MODE (FAST SYNC), that will permits to you to sync many many products in a few minutes (5000 products in 5 minutes)


  •   Maximum cash amount management
  •   Filter minimum and maximum amount in stock products to be published and forcing zero quantity
  •   Product image format choice Prestashop to use
  •   Aggregation options Shipping costs / product costs
  •   Ozione mode "immediate payment"
  •   Management ISBN code
  •   Enter tracking number
  •   Specific price management
  •   New Section Utility

The new control features allow you to check the validity of EAN codes
of all the catalog in a few seconds. Dedicated reports, exportable to CSV, allow to quickly check the products concerned while avoiding problems during synchronization with eBay and marketplaces that require mandatory EAN.


  • New CRON feature to automatically synchronize
  • Sending function of the variants images with attribute selection
  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.7
  • Products editor card inserted in new TAB
  • Compatible with PHP7


  • Support eBay selling rules
  • Price and quantity customizable by product also for variants
  • Text for customizable return rules
  • New image routines (support 12 images product / 12 image variant)
  • Dynamic image recognition gallery / variant
  • Email address for customizable cron
  • FastSync System Optimization

New features from 5.5.6:

  • Support K-TYPE codes for vehicle compatibility list
  • Active content removal from descriptions
  • Secure Sending Support (HTTPS) in Image Links
  • Incomplete order download support
  • Download orders via Prestashop reference
  • Duplicate / empty references verification utility
  • I use random mail in my account creation
  • Improved compatibility with Prestashop 1.7

New features from 6.0:

  • Fully redesigned graphic interface
  • Multishop management
  • Multi marketplace management
  • Advanced category tree mapping with sticky menu and dynamic search
  • Advanced specification mapping
  • Management of producers / suppliers that can be activated and deactivated
  • New functionality for price management <1 €
  • Product editor multi marketplace
  • Optimizations in the standard Syncs procedure
  • Optimizations in the Sync Fast procedure

New features from 6.1:

  • New product management area with a massive link to existing eBay listings
  • Sales control and closure of products not sold (improves visibility on Ebay products)
  • Sync forcing for a single product
  • Improved compatibility with Prestashop 1.7.4

New features in 6.3.3

  • compatibility with ps
  • improved condition/specifications download
  • improved multishop support
  • various bugfixes

New features in 6.5.0 (Prestashop 1.7 only):

  • eBay payments support 2021
  • Improved specifications mapping (new fields / multiple values mapping)
  • Improved Fastbay sync button + cron
  • New utility for sending no-image products
  • various bugfixes

New features in 6.5.1 (May 2021)

  • Improved partial revise (qty / price-qty only)
  • Improved variation pictures send 
  • Various bugfixes

New features in 6.5.2 (July 2021)

  • Introducing IOSS and VAT collect and remit by eBay
  • Added support for ID customer to synchronize specific group prices

New features in 6.5.4 (November 2021)

  • New feature for verifying users who have requested deletion of data from eBay
  • Improved eBay specifics management
  • Improved eBay orders download management
  • Localized tax order download management as per OSS regulaments
  • New "Debug" tab 
  • Improved saving time when syncing products with variations
  • Update product date when downloading orders
  • Compatible with Prestashop

New features in 6.6.0 (March 2022)

  • Fastbay is now using FEED API for bulk synchronization with improved performances
  • Supporting "special features" to sell refurbished items
  • Interface improvements

New features in 6.6.2 (Q1 2024)

  • eBay category mapping for individual products: Introduction of the ability to associate individual products with primary or secondary eBay categories directly from the Prestashop product card through an integrated editor.
  • Enhanced product table: Addition of two additional columns in the "Products" table to identify the default Prestashop category path of the product and the related eBay category connected. For products with K-Types, a dedicated column has been added.
  • Save time with simplified mapping of specifications / conditions: Redesigned and simplified the mapping section, showing the eBay category tree limited to only the categories mapped in the module and facilitating the consultation and mapping of data.
  • Support for product condition descriptors: Introduction of support for eBay's new requirements for some categories, allowing the mapping of fields related to product conditions directly from Prestashop.
  • Automatic K-Type import for auto parts sellers: Integration of a new feature for the import and automatic management of K-Type codes for used parts in eBay listings (Requires TecDoc subscription)
  • Security FIX: New fixes applied to improve the module's security, in line with new PHP and Prestashop 8 requirements, along with various other minor general updates.
  • Other news: Integration of greater compatibility with the new "v2" product card of Prestashop 8 and a general slimming down of the codebase.

Upgrade to latest version:

If you already have an old version of Fastbay purchased within 12 months or if you want to renew the ZEN license you can only purchase the upgrade:

Purchase FastBay ZEN Upgrade Option

The module is sold to be installed on a single domain, after purchasing must be notified the URL of the site where you will have to to install it . The license is for 1 site only.

Notes: In order to import products from eBay to PrestaShop is available in the form "Import eBay - creates products from eBay listings"

FastBay allow you to sync to these eBay marketplace: IT, FR, UK, ES, US (eBay.com), AU, CH, NL, AT, DE, PL, BE (BeFR / BeNL), QC (Canada) 

Discover our video on YouTube :


The module is sold to be installed on one domain, for purchase and payment confirmed must be notified of the site URL in which to install it. The form will be sent by mail for use with license for 1 site.


The module is compatible with Prestashop version 1.7.x / 8.x

Support and updates:

By purchasing the full version you are entitled to 90 days of assistance via ticket dedicated. To updates to new release is mandatory purchase the ZEN option.
Upon expiry of the 90 days the assistance will be provided by purchasing assistance ticket Prestashop

By purchasing the option ZEN 12 months, you are entitled to 3 months of dedicated support ticket via 12 monthly updates to all the latest released versions, including a fee.


Try it online at the following address:

Back office: http://demo.prestalia.it/addons-demo/backoffice/
Username: demo@demo.com - Password: demodemo

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