1.1 - This agreement ("Agreement") is a distance contract pursuant to Art. 50 et seq. Of Legislative Decree no. 6th September 2005, n. 206 ("Consumer Code"). The Contract for the sale of goods between a store Sell it, with registered office in SEE DETAILS INSIDE THE ADVERTISEMENTS ("Chinavasion") and the customer ("Customer"). The Contract is entered directly through the acceptance by Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. a purchase proposal issued by the Customer by telephone or via the Internet, in website (the "Site") and / or through other systems distance selling of Prestalia by GAN s.r.l., on the basis of the procedures described in Article 3.
1.2 These terms and conditions ("Terms") and, in particular, the information referred to in Article. 52 of the Consumer Code, as provided by Chinavasion, repeated on the phone to the customer and on the Site, shall remain valid and enforceable until they are modified and / or supplemented by Chinavasion. Any changes and / or additions to the General Conditions will be effective from the date on which will be communicated to the public and will apply to sales made after that date. The latest updated version of the General Conditions is available on the Site
The sales prices of the products illustrated on the Site and / or through any other remote sales systems of Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. they include San Marino taxes (they do not include VAT). The issuance of the invoice takes place as per regulations within 30 days from the delivery of the requested service, generally the issue occurs within the first decade of the following month.
3.1 - The Contract is concluded by telephone through the communication to the customer (who has Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. contacted by phone and delivered on that occasion, a proposed purchase also provides the operator with the data needed for the procedure of registration of his name, of 'purchase order and payment method choice) that the proposal is accepted.
3.2 - In case of purchase proposals submitted through the Website by Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. the customer will receive an e-mail summary, which will be informed that your purchase proposal is being drawn up and will be deemed accepted, unless otherwise communication e- Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. transmitted by mail or by phone within three (3) calendar days of receipt of the e-mail summary. After this period, the Contract through the Internet is considered complete.
3.3 - The customer will be allowed to choose one of the following methods of payment: any means of payment from time to time referred to as valid by Chinavasion on the Site
4.1 - Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. delivery of the goods to the address indicated by the Customer.
4.2 - Any complaint about the purchase of a product can be forwarded to 'address of reference in the description of the item sold.
Chinavasion accepts customer orders for the quantity of products required in store. Therefore, the acceptance by Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. of the purchase made by the customer is subject to stock availability of the products. Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. agrees to promptly notify the Customer of any unforeseen depletion of stocks due to excess demand or other causes.

For products purchased by the customer are applicable to Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. the rules on guarantees and assistance regarding the sale of consumer goods.

For modules in payment assistance is being provided free upgrades Free and, in the case of new release that the customer may request via e-mail, for 6 months of purchase. After this period, any kind of required or upgrading to new versions will be considered an intervention for a fee.

For free form is not provided any assistance or upgrade to new versions.
In the event that there are open PayPal disputes or legal actions against GAN srl, all existing assistance services and / or open works will be blocked until terminated. It will be our right to maintain or permanently terminate the reports following the resolution of the dispute and / or legal action.- Ordinary assistance: all the necessary assistance will be provided to put the purchased module into operation, explanatory guides of the functions (where necessary) and response in our ticket area on use.
- Extraordinary assistance: this is specific technical assistance on the customer's site, direct interventions to the site code or database, checks and explanations relating to the Prestashop code or the module, all that is not part of ordinary assistance.
- Updates: to obtain the update to the new versions of the modules it is necessary to have the Zen option active 12 months, once the update package has been received, the technician who will install the package must make a safety backup, in the absence of a backup Gan srl is not responsible for the impossibility of returning to the previous version of the system or for any incompatibility problems that may arise with other modules or packages installed on the site. After more than 12 months from the purchase of the module or the ZEN option, to obtain the updated module it will be necessary to purchase a new license.
- Change of domain and validity of licenses: Once a module has been purchased, it can only be used for the domain decided during the purchase phase. If you decide to use it on a different domain, you need to purchase a license upgrade. Each license is valid for one shop only. If it is installed in multishop mode, a dedicated license must be activated for each shop, even in the case of subfolders or third-level domains referring to a single domain such as: shop.nomedominio.it, nomedominio. it / shop2
Anything not specified in the product sheets will not be provided and requests will be handled with paid tickets.
No support or updates to new versions are provided for free modules.
In the event that Paypal disputes or legal actions are opened against GAN srl, all existing assistance services and / or open processes will be blocked. It will be our right to maintain or permanently terminate the relationship following the resolution of the dispute and / or legal action against us.
The Customer represents and warrants that: to be a consumer in accordance with Art. 3 of the Consumer Code, to be an adult, that the data supplied by the same for the execution of the Agreement are true and correct.

8.1 - The sale shall be assisted by the warranties for defects and flaws required by law. Pursuant to Article 53 D. Decree No. 206 September 6, 2005, if the Customer is a consumer entitled to rescind the purchase contract for any reason and without explanation. To exercise this right, the customer must send a written notice within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the goods. The communication must be addressed, upon notice, by mail to the store from which the purchase is carried out. The goods must be returned at the expense of the Customer within 10 days from the date of receipt of the goods, the store from which you made the purchase. We will refund the full amount paid (excluding shipping charges) after verifying the integrity of the goods. For written confirmation of all the contractual terms and the additional information set out in art. 53 D. Decree 206/2005. READ THE LEGISLATIVE DECREE (make it clickable in the page of the decree). For complaints please see "ABOUT THE SELLER", in every description of objects from a purchased
8.2 - Customers wishing to exercise the right of withdrawal must return the goods to:
Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. , Strada degli Angariari, 25 - 47891 Rovereta (RSM). Within 10 days of receipt of goods. Pursuant to Article 55, second paragraph, of the Consumer Code, the Customer shall have no right of withdrawal in the following cases

    - Supply of audio or computer software which were unsealed by the Customer;
    - Delivery of products tailored or personalized or which by their very nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly (eg cosmetics, flowers, food);
    - The supply of newpers, periodicals and magazines.

8.3 - The costs of returning the products are charged to the customer. Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. return within 10 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer: the full price paid by the customer in case of return of the product complete with all its parts and functions, ie the price equivalent to the product returned by the customer who has used the product appreciably and / or which significantly diminish the value.8.3 - Order cancellation, the customer can request the cancellation of an order before it is shipped. Prestalia will cancel the order and issue a refund within 7 working days from the request which must be received in writing by email or by contacting the site. The refund amount will be net of expenses in cases where the customer decides to cancel the order for reasons not attributable to the seller. From the refund, 5% will be retained if the payment was made by pay pal or by installment payment or with other payments by credit card, the bank commissions to issue the refund if paid by bank transfer or on delivery.
9.1 Pursuant to and for the purposes of the provisions of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, 196 Code for the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter the "Code"), we inform you that your personal data, supplied and / or subsequently acquired, will be handled by Chinavasion, in Italy and abroad, through electronic and manual in compliance with the Code and regulations regarding privacy.

Aims of treatment
The data collected are used for the following purposes: a. subscribe to the service, b. conclude contracts of sale and realization of performance, c. perform the steps necessary to give effect to the contractual relationship in place, d. send commercial information, advertising material, information and promotion, by any means (email, sms, etc.) e. making, including through telephone contact, market research, economic analysis and statistics in order to verify the correct operation of the services and the satisfaction of the same f. develop customized information about consumer habits and guidance of those concerned; g. disclose the data to third parties for direct marketing purposes. The conferment of data is necessary for the conclusion of the purchase contract, optional in other cases. Failure to provide the data will make it impossible to execute the order placed.

Data Retention
All acquired data can not be used for purposes other than those listed and will be kept for the period necessary to achieve the same. After that time, the data will be erased or made anonymous. For detailed data on purchases and services, storage times will not be higher than those established by law.

Rights of
It does not affect your right to exercise at any time the rights under Article 7 (Right of access to personal data and other rights) of the Code, in particular: the right to access their personal information, request correction, 'updating and cancellation if incomplete, incorrect or collected in violation of the law, and to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons, a written request to the Management Regulatory and Compliance Institutional Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. or directly through the site in the manner specified in data access.

The owner of the
The data controller is Prestalia by GAN s.r.l. , Strada degli Angariari, 25 - 47891 Rovereta (RSM).

The Agreement is governed by Italian law. Any dispute relating to the application, execution, interpretation and breach of contract will be the responsibility of the Court in which the customer's residence or domicile, if located in the territory of the Italian State, or of the Forum of San Marino, the customer has the his residence or place of business abroad. you.