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Module Amazon Prestashop 1.6 1.7

The Amazon Marketplace Sync module allows you to synchronize the offers on Amazon manage orders through the marketplace Prestashop 1.6 1.7

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Prestalia Amazon Sync module, just a few clicks to sell on Amazon: Link your account, choose the categories, manufacturers and suppliers that you want to publish and then start the synchronization process. The module generates a csv file for the offers and sends it directly to the Seller Central.


The module allows you to:

  • Native European marketplaces compatibility: DE, ES, FR, IT, UK, NL
  • NA marketplaces compatibility: CA, US, MX (ONLY WITH THE CUSTOMER'S DEVELOPER ACCOUNT)   
  • Select the Amazon marketplace to publish to
  • Connect to your account
  • Prestashop SKU field to be used on Amazon
  • Filter by price
  • Filter by quantity
  • Shipping delay configurations by category, manufacturer, supplier
  • Price markup configuration by category, manufacturer, supplier
  • Filter products to be exported by category, manufacturer or supplier
  • Filter products to be exported by product
  • Automatically link your Prestashop products with Amazon's ASIN codes
  • Sync offers based on EAN or ASIN code to existing Amazon products
  • Schedule synchronization via CRON
  • Schedule orders download via CRON
  • Automatically send order status' update via CRON
  • Automatically send tracking codes via CRON

Since 1.3.0 release

  • Pending Order Management (Essential to manage product quantities for those order which still are incomplete on Amazon)
  • Synchronization of price, quantity and quantity zero only
  • Synchronization of variants
  • Download Amazon inventory and check-up catalog (close "orphan" products, deleted on Prestashop)
  • Log files rotate clean
  • Various bug fixes

Since 1.5.0 release

  • Dedicated tab in product sheet (backoffice)
  • Editable ASIN and synchronization via ASIN code
  • Support to product conditions with customized messages for each condition
  • Separate configuration for each marketplace
  • "Treat EAN codes as UPC" option

Since 1.6.0 release

  • Price and quantity customization for product and variants directly in the product page tab

Since 1.7.0 release

  • Orphaned products management
  • Set price, quantity, and specific shipping times for each product or combination
  • Sync only products modified in the last 1, 3, 6 Hours

Since 1.8.0 release

  • Shipping template management
  • Sync Offers updated to use inventory template as per Amazon requirements
  • PS category path in the category list
  • Alternative method for downloading inventory (useful for obtaining ASINs in France, if not available with the traditional method)

Since 1.9.0 release

  • Amazon.nl support
  • Latest version available check to let you know if an update is available
  • Removal of support for creating non-existing cards on amazon, possibility of activating cards with ean, asin (offer synchronization).

The Amazon Prestalia Sync module is designed to work on any type of server without creating problems nor causing the synchronization to stop because of limited resources.

Note: The module does not handle Amazon FBA (FullFillment by Amazon)


v1.9.1 - 2020/04/22

[NEW] Amazon.nl support
[NEW] Latest available version remote check
[NEW] New menu graphical interface
[NEW] Dedicated validation on carriers and status to prevent errors during orders import
[NEW] Improved orders API support to limit problems of throttling
[FIX] Fixed a blocking error that could occurr in the rare occasion of a incoherent order in database


Installation of the module is simple. It will be provided a detailed PDF guide. In case of problems our customer care is at your disposal to assist you and answer your questions.


Full documentation and available online at Prestalia Help site


The module is compatible with Prestashop version 1.6.x and 1.7 Prestashop


Try it online at the following address:

Back office: http://demo.prestalia.it/addons-demo/backoffice/
Username: demo@demo.com- ​​Password: demodemo

Other marketplaces:

The module also integrates with other modules marketplace. It is compatible with FastBay module and Fastprice.

Compatibility Prestashop 1.6 - 1.7