ZEN option 1 year modules upgrade
  • ZEN option 1 year modules upgrade

ZEN option - 1 year of upgrades

Renew or activate the ZEN option to have 12 months of updates to your form
* Note: to purchase this option you must be insert the domain of your Prestashop on the field below *

Addons name

Your website's url

Please select the website this product refers to. Login to see the domains you previously used in the following list.

By renewing your ZEN subscription you will have an additional 3 months of assistance and 12 months of updates to the Prestalia module you purchased. Choose the product to update.

Note: The ZEN option is valid for a single license and only if you have already purchased the complete module. It will be associated with the domain in which the module is installed. Remember to add the domain in the order comment. Once the order is completed you can request the updated form on support.prestalia.it