Modulo MBE Connector for Prestashop

The MBE Connector module allows you to better manage shipments with the MBE courier with Prestashop

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With our MBE Connector just a few clicks are enough to configure and automate the data between the MBE and Prestashop courier systems


The module allows you to manage:

  • MBE branch to connect to
  • Authentication with MBE services
  • Enabling module only for selected employees
  • Choice of package or envelope format
  • Weight, length, width, height, default contents of the package
  • Insurance application above certain amount
  • Management of options for order status
  • Update Prestashop Courier with the one in use by MBE


Installation of the module is simple. It will be provided a detailed PDF guide. In case of problems our customer care is at your disposal to assist you and answer your questions.


Full documentation and available online at Prestalia Help site


The module is compatible with Prestashop version 1.7.x

Compatibility Prestashop 1.7.x

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