Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea

Export and sync products from Danea to Prestashop

The only module that allows you to import and update the product catalog from Prestashop Danea Easyfatt in managing every aspect of synchronization without limits.

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The module allows you to synchronize the product catalog from Prestashop to Danea with maximum flexibility in deciding exactly what data import / update and which to exclude surgically. Danea variants are associated attributes Prestashop. The new algorithm allows you to import update catalogs without any size limitations to the maximum speed.


 The module allows you to manage:
  • Delete All catalog on total import option
  • Selection of Danea key: Code, Barcode
  • Choice Prestashop Store (Multishop)
  • Choice Danea barcode in EAN or UPC
  • Choice ​​categories languages
  • Language Options data products
  • Import HTML description to quick or extended description
  • Import notes to generate tags or product descriptions
  • Choice gross or net weight and size
  • Choice separator symbol of categories and subcategories
  • Import new products on category default
  • Matching Prestashop and Danea tax rules
  • Matching 9 lists Danea groups Prestashop
  • Prestashop attribute variants matching in Size and Color 
  • Matching Danea barcode combinations to EAN, UPC or reference
  • Option regeneration thumbnails on import
  • Choosing which fields to exclude during the import globally: EAN-13, UPC, name, short description, description, related categories, manufacturer, taxation, default price, eco-tax, suppliers, width, height, depth packing, packing weight , specific prices, quantities.
  • Choosing which fields to exclude single product
  • Option to force global temporary exclusions of those individual
  • Reset singles product settings
  • Bulk Import by uploading files with report
  • Import e-commerce with native Danea e-commerce connection option
  • Compatibility mode (check html Danea)
  • Delete or disabile product not present on Danea catalog
  • Set price to all groups
  • Set "Price from Danea / rounding with or without taxes" 
  • Set product conditions: New, used and refurbished directly from Danea  
  • Create product TAG from Libero 1,2,3,4 or note
  • New UI. Up to 8 subcategory creations. Simultaneous multi-language import. Danea 2017.36 optimized.
  • Custom reference combinations that automatically generates a reference code if it is not present in the combinations in Danea.
  • Specific price as" to choose discounted prices in% or fixed value.
  • Disable / Enable zero Quantity Products" in Danea.
  • Advanced multishop support: Allows you to configure all options and import products on single shop, indispensable in B2C / B2B configurations from a single Danea catalogue.
  • Creating "features" on Prestashop product by Danea Free Fields.
  • Disable Fastbay on sync that optimizes the speed.
  • New option: Import Warehouse position
  • Full compatibility with the latest Danea version and Prestashop 8

Latest release:

v2.2.5 - 2024/01/17

[NEW] Importwarehouse position
[NEW] Full PS 8.1.x support
[NEW] Code rewriting
[NEW] Security improvements
[FIX] Show/Hide Regenerate prices
[FIX] Translations' loading

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The installation and configuration of the module is very simple, you'll be ready in a few minutes. More information is available a detailed guide PDF. In case of problems our customer care is at your disposal to assist you and answer your questions.


The module is compatible with Danea Easyfatt latest release (Easyfatt Enterprise One).
and Prestashop versione 1.7.x / 8.x


Try it online: 

Front office: https://demo.prestalia.it/addons-demo
Back office: https://demo.prestalia.it/addons-demo/backoffice

Username: demo@demo.com - Password: demodemo

Compatibility Prestashop 1.7.x - 8.x
Version 2.2.5