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Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea
  • Export from Prestashop to Danea

Export orders and clients from Prestashop to Danea

This module allows you to export your Prestashop orders/ clients and import it into Danea Easyfatt easily and fast.

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This allows you to export orders and client details from Prestashop to Danea Easyfatt

You can choose exactly which export orders choosing the date range and state orders for export to quickly and accurately update and Danea through access by management or the generated XML file.


 The module allows you to manage the following options and filters:

  • Select date range
  • Choice of the order were to be exported
  • Choice the Prestashop to Danea product Key: Reference, EAN, UPC
  • Choice of such import orders from the list
  • Matching Prestashop Tax to Danea VAT rate table
  • Setting VAT rate costs
  • Direct export from management through data access or export via XML files.
  • Support to GDPR (v1.5.0+): customers not yet exported to Danea that asked to have their account deleted from your website will now be exported with data adapted to what Easyfatt software accepts.
  • Electronic invoicing: To make the Prestashop site compliant with electronic invoicing, you can purchase the form: Electronic invoicing fields that automatically integrates with the Orders Danea module by importing the PEC and the SDI code into Danea easyfatt.


The module installation is simple. It will be provided to guide detailed PDF. In case of problems our customer care is at your disposal to assist you and answer your questions.


The module 1.2.1 version are compatible with Danea Easyfatt 2015 / 2018 (Easyfatt Enterprise One).
and Prestashop versione 1.5.6 to 1.7.x


Try it online: 

Front office: http://demo.prestalia.it/addons-demo/

Back office: http://demo.prestalia.it/addons-demo/backoffice/

Username: demo@demo.com - Password: demodemo