Shopify App export to Kelkoo
  • Shopify App export to Kelkoo

Shopify App export to Kelkoo

Increase your sales by synchronizing your Shopify products on price comparison Trovaprezzi

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Kelkoo export feed Generator for Shopify

Increase your sales by synchronizing your products on price comparison Trovaprezzi. This powerful tool allows you to increase your traffic and your earnings and attract highly qualified visitors.

Trovaprezzi CSV Feed generator allows Shopify merchants to increase sales by generating the required datafeed with a single click.


• Create Trovaprezzi CSV file directly from your Shopify backend
• See the last generation report
• Updates automatically or with the easy 1-Click update function.
• Obtain the CSV link to provide to Trovaprezzi

Why do you need Kelkoo CSV generator ?

Our app will generate the feed required by Kelkoo comparison website in order to index all your website products. Easily generate it with a click and make your products appear on Kelkoo website will allow you to immediately get incoming visits and increase your sales.

Is it possible to manually refresh my products datafeed ?

You can update your datafeed by entering the app and clicking the export button.

Can I filter the products to export ?

This feature will be integrated soon.

How can I use the generated feed ?

CSV link can be submitted to Kelkoo after subscribing an account with their commercial support.
If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

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