B2B Suite - Reservation and pre-order management system for Prestashop

By purchasing this solution you will receive a suite of modules to manage B2B reservations orders and pre-orders in Prestashop.

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B2B Suite is a solution that allows you to manage reservations, pre-orders and B2B payments in Prestashop in a simple and precise way. Thanks to Suite B2B, the customer can easily check the status of their reservations, the products arriving and in pre-order. The administrator will be able to manage the entire booking process and related products in an organized and linear way up to the generation of the final order in Prestashop:

Front office:

  • View active, available, upcoming bookings and pre-orders
  • Check the arrival dates of pre-ordered products
  • View your booking history and related products

Back office:

  • Manage reservations and pre-orders
  • View and filter Available, Incoming and Pre-order products
  • Change a reserved product, creating a new one with new quantities available and in backorder
  • Manually upload a product list to generate a reservation
  • Convert the reservation into order
  • Manage customer credit and credit
  • Submit a payment request
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